-> What is homegateway?
Homegateway Apartment Management System is designed to provide utility to the daily operations of apartments/townships or any other gated community.This system enables you to keep records of the daily transactions in a systematic manner which saves a lot of energy, time and money.

->How it works?
This is a web based application, it can be accessed anywhere, any place from any device like desktop, laptop, smart phone and notebook etc

->To whom it will give more benefits?
Apartment management association, residential individuals.

->What are the other services homegateway can provide?
Advertisements, Classifieds, Reality marketing services.

->Is there any hardware & software require to use this?
No, this is a cloud based application you can access anywhere across the globe. No hardware & software required to use this.

->How can we get assurance on our data security?
Homegateway will maintain the industry standard regulations for data security and without owner’s permission data will not be revealed.

->What are the payment methods available?
Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly, Annually.

->Can we opt for the trail version of homegateway to check how it works?
Yes, you can opt for one month trial version and enjoy the service.

->Is there any annual maintain charges for homegateway?
No, there is no annual maintenance apart from the subscription charges.

->As per our community requirements can it be customized?
Yes, as per your requirement it can customized.

->Up to what extent can we get the support while using in real time?
As per your need and query will provide the support. Until the problem or query is resolved we will give the support including site visit.

->Apart from normal apartment complex what other communities can use this?
Gated communities like independent Villas, Layouts, Newly built Apartments etc.

->Is there any software knowledge required to use homegateway system?
No software knowledge is required to use this system, anybody who has computer usage knowledge can use this system very effectively.

->Do we need to use this system in only our apartment complex or we can access any where?
You can access this system anywhere across the globe by using your credentials.

->Can we get our all transaction data when required?
Yes, you can download all your reports whenever required. No need of any additional support or permission.

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Apartment Management System
+91 9611821777 info@homageway.in

Homegateway Apartment Management System is a system that helps the management team of apartment complexes and gated communities manage their duties effectively and efficiently.

Homegateway, online Apartment Management System is designed to help the management team keep records of the daily transactions in a systematic manner which saves a lot of energy, time and money, maintain records of asset management, inventory management, vendor management, facility management, accounts management and daily operations held in the community. Homegateway- cloud based apartment management system replaces the manual system of record keeping with the modern computerised system which will not only save a lot of time but it also reduces the chances of errors.

Benefits to the management
  • No additional hardware is required and there is no set up cost or any other additional costs. This is an on demand Apartment management system.
  • The system will help the management track all issues raised on the system providing complete transparency and status of any progress made to the residents and owners. Residents will not need to phone the management to find out the progress of their complaint saving management valuable time explaining the status to the resident rather than focusing on resolving the complaint.
  • Homegateway apartment Management ERP will handle complete operations at the all levels.
  • Complete paperless operations.
  • There will be a dedicated web page for each community, using their credentials they can login into the system.
Benefits to the community
  • This is a single platform web based application that can be accessed by the management team, residents and non-owners and the tenants from anywhere and any place, from any device like desktop, laptop, smart phone, note book etc. Reducing the time period for any operation.
  • Transparent communication and accessibility for any information within in the community. The Homegateway online apartment management ERP will provide an effective tool for the management team to communicate with the residents, the residents to the management and between the residents themselves.
  • Can maintain the proper inventory management, parking management, facilities management.
Benefits to residents
  • Can get the updates any time what happening within the community.
  • Can raise issues direct to the management team that can be tracked for progress.
  • Events, gallery, notices, documents, can be viewed from anywhere any place.
  • Homegateway apartment management system will provide a list of accredited local vendors servicing the residents.
  • Any resident can book the facilities through homegateway within in the community.
Parking Management
Asset Management
Events & Gallery
Account Management
Security Management


  • Dashboard presents information in an easy to read format highlighting the key performance indicators.
  • A dashboard is provided for the management and the property owners and tenants.
  • It will give the complete information about the individual resident or tenant in detail like personal and professional information and resource usability.